Quality Custom Packing is BRC Certified

Scallops are what Quality Custom Packing knows best. QCP is a scallop supplier headquartered in New Bedford, Massachusetts specializing in IQF scallops, frozen block scallops and fresh scallops. We are residents of the highest valued commercial fishing port in the world, due to scallops. Founded in 2000, Quality Custom Packing sources scallops from the Whaling City Seafood Display Auction, local dayboats, divers and from other sustainable scallop programs around the globe. We then customize the scallop packing production process to our clients specific needs. We are the experts in scallops, helping clients to increase revenue without adding costly new equipment, plants or staff.

The Port of New Bedford is home to historic and bountiful scallop grounds; an ideal harbor supporting New England’s largest scallop fleet. Nantucket Shoals, Georges Bank and the Great South Channel fishing grounds are blessed with abundant sea scallop beds that all lie within a day’s steam.

The U.S. Scallop fishery is the major economic engine of our area and is the greatest wild scallop fishery in the world.  The scallop fishery is the most well managed and sustainable resource available, thanks to constant monitoring and regulating by the NOAA scallop managers.  Areas where scallops can be caught are rotated to allow beds of young scallops to grow resulting in harvesting of the finest scallops available while preserving our planet’s natural resources.